Bingo side games, or an actual casino, which is better?

By | 5th August 2018

Bingo sites thrive and make money money from side games and slots than they do from bingo. So are the side games at bingo sites worth playing, or should we all choose a casino for that and play bingo only at our bingo operator of choice?

This is a bit of a tough question although I do seem to favor an actual online casino for slots and games over any bingo site. The reason for this is that it seems more real, and lets be honest the games are usually better. Low limit players which us girls usually are can play 10p roulette at a casino, on most bingo sites I’m a member of it’s £1 minimum stake. When you think a game of bingo costs an average of 20p that makes the casino games seem very expensive.

For the above reason I see why Tombola has become such a big name. They focus on fun and aren’t just interested in emptying my purse and getting all I’m worth. Tombola arcade which is where they do offer slots and games is also very cheap to play. I think a lot of bingo sites could learn a thing or two here.

1: We like cheap bingo we also like cheap slots & games

2: Focus on fun, not making money

3: Don’t push us the games so much, if we want to play them we will

Any bingo site that does the opposite of the above 3 things is simply after our money. I know they are businesses and that’s what they need to do, but come on give us some credit. I’ve decided recently to play more at Tombola and if I fancy some slots then I’ll use a casino, that way I also got a nice new bonus to go with it.

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